Embracing Love as a Way of Life ~ A Course of Love.


Two powerful suites of online tools provide elegant ways to enhance your discovery of A Course of Love and to explore its symmetry with A Course in Miracles-OE.


The nonprofit Center for A Course of Love serves in support of Mari Perron’s attention to our growing awareness of who we are and our potential to create The New.


Introducing Mari Perron and The Center for A Course of Love’s Board Members, resource links, Facebook, Mission & Guidelines for Sharing.

Rejoice and be glad and turn your attention to the new. Attend to the dawning of the consciousness of unity. Realize that it is a truly new state, a state that cannot be learned, a state the awareness of which can only be revealed to you through unity and relationship. (T4:12.25)

Dear Companion,

What are the means by which we “attend” to the dawning of the consciousness of unity?

pathOn this journey with A Course of Love each of us will discover new ways of coming to know, new ways of being, and new ways of sharing and expressing ourselves. We are asked to demonstrate this new way with our lives. This is what will be encouraged through this on-line presence of the Center.

The broad purpose of this not for profit Center is to increase awareness of the transforming message of A Course of Love. The “center,” as spoken of throughout the Course, is within us, the heart center from which we truly draw our sustenance and “find the loveliest of answers” (C:6.18) as we discover how to live as who we really are. It is the rather human “centeredness” of sharing, companioning and creating the new in unity and relationship that has captured our hearts and imaginations.

I am excited to share this journey with you and the powerful women bringing their voices and talents to the Center: Christie Lord, and Mary Love. I am also excited to share and introduce the Center’s Board of Directors Michael Mark and Micheal Diconti.  They are introduced on the Connect page.

Now we go forth~ (paraphrasing this quote from The Dialogues (1.14)):

To live as who “we are” within the world
To make cause and effect as one, and
Union with the Source of love and all creation the reality.

With love’s abundant blessings,
Mari Perron