quaked (1)

T3:7.6 happening there. For a moment, the floorboards shook, the walls  quaked, the lights dimmed. All those within the house became aware of

qualify (1)

D:Day6.9 rhythm, lyrics without notes, or a completed work that will  qualify more as practice than as art, the piece exists. In each stage

qualities (4)

C:2.4 has been given attributes. Only separate things have attributes and  qualities that seem to complement or oppose. Love has no attributes,
C:3.7 remain a pencil in your judgment, at least as long as it has all the  qualities that you have determined that a pencil should have, few
C:3.7 determined that a pencil should have, few people can exhibit the  qualities you have predetermined that they should possess at all
D:Day6.30 There is no time to wait while you learn, or think you learn, the  qualities that will allow this. This is the point of movement, being,

quality (11)

C:20.17 Your identity is shared and one in Christ. A shared identity is a  quality of oneness. A shared identity is one identity. When you
D:3.10 You will notice that all of these ideas have in common a  quality of oneness. Oneness replaces duality or contrast. You will be
D:3.21 and that for the elevated Self of form it is simply a shared  quality of oneness. It is not in need of learning or even
D:3.21 of learning or even understanding. It is. Awareness of what is, is a  quality of Christ-consciousness. Thus you are already aware of the
D:Day3.33 here too that money made from what you love to do has a different  quality than money earned from toil. You might think that money
D:Day10.1 the ability to harness the cause and effect power of love. It is a  quality of form as well as a quality of union. Form is the ultimate
D:Day10.1 cause and effect power of love. It is a quality of form as well as a  quality of union. Form is the ultimate expression of the power of
D:Day15.10 is the creative force, the animator and informer. Yet informing is a  quality of oneness and thus the joining of the self with the spacious
D:Day27.5 This is the  quality of the inner-sight you now will carry with you to level
D:Day27.6 alone. It is not an aspect of the spirit alone. Coming to know is a  quality of inner-sight, of wholehearted human experience combined
D:Day40.4 is only when love is in relationship with being that it attains this  quality that we are calling extension.

quantity (1)

C:19.17 one chair or two. One table or four. Your emphasis has been on  quantity, and one is seen as less than any other number. Yet, on the

queen (1)

C:20.3 beauty revealed. The beloved child suckled at the breast of the  queen mother earth, one child of one mother, nameless and beyond

quench (1)

C:9.22 you to do. I am recorded as telling you to feed the hungry, to  quench the thirst of the thirsty, to welcome and give rest to the

quenching (2)

C:9.27 Let us return to the example of feeding your sister’s hunger and  quenching your brother’s thirst. This is not only a lesson in feeding
C:9.27 your brother’s thirst. This is not only a lesson in feeding and  quenching spiritual hunger and thirst, but a lesson in relationship

quest (31)

C:I.1 accept confusion. To move it to cease its resistance to mystery, its  quest for answers, and to shift its focus to the truth and away from
C:9.36 truth from each special relationship you enter into, but your true  quest is hidden by the concept of use that gets in its way. While
C:9.40 Your  quest for what is missing thus becomes the race you run against
C:26.7 greater than the fear of meaninglessness. And, as stated before, the  quest for meaning is how you have described your purpose here. To
C:27.1 is. As love is. You have attached being to being human. In your  quest to identify yourself, you simply narrowed yourself to the
C:27.1 ascribe to yourself. In this one error do all errors lie. For what  quest can be fulfilled when the only answer to life seems to be
C:31.10 find your Self. This is known to you, and is the reason for man’s  quest for God throughout all time. Man may think he looks to God for
T1:3.6 upon. For calling upon miracles is an act of faith. You think the  quest for miracles is a quest for proof that demonstrates a lack of
T1:3.6 miracles is an act of faith. You think the quest for miracles is a  quest for proof that demonstrates a lack of faith but the reverse is
D:6.13 Discovery has been a grand facilitator of the human spirit’s  quest for the truth and is part of what brought you, finally, to the
D:6.13 quest for the truth and is part of what brought you, finally, to the  quest to know your Self.
D:Day30.5 be the knower and the known, the experience and the experiencer. The  quest to join with God is this quest. The quest to be the knower and
D:Day30.5 experience and the experiencer. The quest to join with God is this  quest. The quest to be the knower and the known, the experience and
D:Day30.5 and the experiencer. The quest to join with God is this quest. The  quest to be the knower and the known, the experience and the
D:Day30.5 known, the experience and the experiencer. The culmination of this  quest then, is joining.
D:Day35.11 This is why you return accepting of yourself rather than in a  quest for self or with a desire to know a higher self. You return
D:Day37.8 come through the relationship and unity that you would deny in your  quest for separation! This would be like demanding to be a body and
D:Day37.8 come through the relationship and unity that you would deny in your  quest for separation! This would be like demanding that the mind send
D:Day37.26 of your separate world spoken of early in this Course, your  quest for differentiation has been caused by your faulty memory of
D:Day40.16 “one, true, God.” Do you not see that this would be like going on a  quest to find the “one, true, relationship” in your own life? As if
E.1 of self-improvement, imagine how much time will be saved by this  quest coming to an end. But what now will you do? What now will you
E.18 This dialogue has been your final  quest. It is the final quest in the quest for being because the quest
E.18 This dialogue has been your final quest. It is the final  quest in the quest for being because the quest has been accomplished,
E.18 This dialogue has been your final quest. It is the final quest in the  quest for being because the quest has been accomplished, fulfilled,
E.18 quest. It is the final quest in the quest for being because the  quest has been accomplished, fulfilled, completed.
E.27 What will there be to strive for? What  quest will replace this quest for being? The quest for love’s
E.27 What will there be to strive for? What quest will replace this  quest for being? The quest for love’s expression—the quest to see,
E.27 be to strive for? What quest will replace this quest for being? The  quest for love’s expression—the quest to see, experience, and
E.27 replace this quest for being? The quest for love’s expression—the  quest to see, experience, and share, as many of love’s expressions as
E.28 Does this seem like a long and harrowing road? An endless  quest? An endless quest for love’s expression is eternity itself.
E.28 seem like a long and harrowing road? An endless quest? An endless  quest for love’s expression is eternity itself.

question (45)

C:P.4 This is a basic  question that was not adequately answered in A Course in Miracles.
C:P.28 been thus and that there is no escape from it. In such a world the  question should not be why do so many take their lives, but why do so
C:9.5 is useful for. Ask yourself now: To whom is your body useful? This  question does not apply to those for whom you cook or clean, those
C:9.5 or clean, those whose bodies you would repair or minds improve. The  question is, really, who might have seen a use for a body such as
C:9.42 you have without the demands your body places upon you? The same  question can be asked of this world you see as home to the body.
C:15.8 perception as is your concept of separation. All change seems to  question your loyalty to others and all choices are made with this
C:15.9 many ills that have made you and those you love suffer, to call into  question humanity’s right to specialness seems the ultimate act of
C:25.18 You may begin to wonder what to do. You will almost certainly  question what you do for a “living.” You will question many patterns
C:25.18 will almost certainly question what you do for a “living.” You will  question many patterns and habits.
C:25.23 with your new identity. Simply sitting quietly, and posing the  question or concern that is in need of appropriate action will
C:25.23 you have succeeded when you truly feel as if you have “turned the  question or concern over” and allowed it to be responded to in a new
C:26.2 Many of you  question the line between fate and accomplishment. Are some chosen
C:27.4 of this purpose cannot be underestimated. Let us address the  question of why this is so important.
T1:3.9 Observe yourself as you think through this  question. Can you remove all fear from it? Why should it be that fear
T1:9.13 Were your feelings hurt or your pride? Your feelings called into  question or your ideas? And what guise did the ego take as it rallied
T2:6.5 without taking into account the time that it will take? Relate this  question to our discussion of treasure and you will understand what
T2:6.7 exercises of A Course in Miracles began with asking you to call into  question these beliefs in known, observable, facts. You may have
T2:7.17 How often have you hidden thoughts and feelings because you  question whether they are legitimate thoughts and feelings? For some
T3:5.6 even now. I walked the earth in order to reveal a God of love. The  question of the time, a question still much in evidence, was how
T3:5.6 earth in order to reveal a God of love. The question of the time, a  question still much in evidence, was how mighty could God’s love be
T3:11.9 of God or the House of Truth exists, but how to live within it. The  question of how to live within it is best addressed by concentrating
T3:22.1 Although the entire purpose of these Treatises is to answer the  question of what to do with what you have learned, chances are that
T3:22.1 what you have learned, chances are that this is still the primary  question in your mind and heart. While you may be beginning to form
T4:1.4 that are not offered to be chosen because they do not relate to the  question. All of the commandments and all of the beliefs of all of
T4:1.5 A  question has been asked and a response is awaited. Are you willing to
T4:1.11 lies before you now concerns what it is you would come to know. The  question asked throughout this Course is if you are willing to make
T4:1.11 asked if you are willing to be the chosen of God. This is the same  question that has been asked throughout the existence of time. Some
T4:2.31 felt the onset of true vision would mean. Have you considered this  question? Have you expected to see in the same way but more lovingly?
D:2.22 for the creation of a new answer, the answer to the only remaining  question; that of how to sustain Christ-consciousness in form.
D:5.16 This is the answer to the  question of “What is next?” If there is nothing to learn, if
D:5.17 as you learn to accept what is and to deny what is not. While the  question of what is not has been answered as fully as is possible,
D:6.16 discovery that is before you. Calling what you think you know into  question is not a call to return to uncertainty, but a call to allow
D:11.6 Let me ask you a  question. Do you think desire will still be with you when you have
D:11.12 giving and receiving of these words will provide the answer to the  question your thoughts cannot quite comprehend well enough to even
D:17.22 But having arrived here, it is as if a new  question is asked of you. Just as in the myths that are as ageless as
D:17.23 Only in myth is this response to a specific  question, but even the specific questions of myth, when seen truly,
D:Day8.12 your dislikes cause you to be intolerant? This is an important  question. You have been intolerant of yourself and it was easy to
D:Day13.6 loveless self within the spacious Self of love is the answer to the  question of evil and the final lifting of the last veils of fear.
D:Day18.4 to fulfillment. If the call is there, the need is there. Have no  question in your mind about this. The universe is comprised of no
D:Day25.7 you not to attempt this as a task to which you apply the mind or the  question of “What am I looking for?” You are looking for nothing. You
D:Day35.6 benefit to you as you leave the mountain top experience behind? This  question has been asked in this way in order to remind you that while
A.12 Am I telling you not to  question? Not to enter discussion? I am only telling you to receive
A.13 to accept, your heart accepts with ease. Now you are ready to  question what you must. Now you are ready to hear the answer that
A.15 or Christ-mind. “How do you feel?” is a more appropriate  question than, “What do you think?” The sharing of experience is more
A.31 be encouraged. Often a discussion can be facilitated greatly by the  question, “How might we be able to look at this situation in a new

questioning (2)

T4:12.12 This example arose from one of those already gathered who was  questioning the state of contentment. She quoted a learned priest and
D:Day25.1 to plague many of you. Where once the mind was searching, yearning,  questioning, now it is likely to become still. From the stillness

questions (43)

C:3.21 Think not that these are senseless  questions, made to bring love and pain together and there to leave
C:3.21 way makes no sense, and yet makes the greatest sense of all. These  questions merely prove love’s value. What else do you value more?
C:6.18 Here they find the loveliest of answers to their  questions. It takes not time nor money nor the sweat of their brow to
C:9.23 to meet? What would you do with your life if you had no fear? These  questions are the same.
C:22.21 When you are asked  questions such as, “How was your day?” respond as much as possible
T1:2.3 of the truth, would be to respond to love the same way again. The  questions you have asked concerning how love could be the answer when
T1:3.22 of something that has already occurred? You have far too many  questions without answers to choose a miracle.
T1:9.14 These may be difficult  questions to answer as your initial reaction and your response will
T3:20.6 how the illness or suffering can be “fought.” You are likely to hear  questions concerning why the illness or suffering has come to be and
T4:12.3 to see that they learn as one. They are beginning to see that their  questions are the same. They are beginning to see that they share in
T4:12.4 what concerns you still hold within your heart, no matter what  questions are emanating from your mind, they will be met with a
T4:12.10 of learning is past. While you are still encountering concerns and  questions, you will be prone to continue to think of yourself as a
T4:12.10 learning being. While these dialogues continue to address these same  questions and concerns, you will be prone to think of them as
T4:12.13 of the learned wisdom that needs to be left behind? But what of the  questions it raises? Do you not respond to the idea of continual
T4:12.13 be continual but with doubt that you would desire it to be? These  questions relate to our earlier discussion of temptations of the
T4:12.19 I know you still have  questions, dear brothers and sisters. I know that you will experience
D:1.19 As you begin this Dialogue,  questions naturally arise. You might think that for the receiver, or
D:4.19 in which to begin to experience your new freedom. It is your  questions and concerns that have led me to speak of such, for it is
D:5.17 But while this is what awaits you, I am merely answering the  questions that remain and that occur as this dialogue proceeds. What
D:5.17 of what is not has been answered as fully as is possible, your  questions and my answers in regard to what is are somewhat confusing
D:5.21 that once acceptance of what is is complete, we will go on to these  questions of the new and together we will find the answers.
D:14.5 I would suggest beginning this exploration with simple  questions posed during the course of your normal life. Questions such
D:14.5 with simple questions posed during the course of your normal life.  Questions such as, “What might this situation look like if I forgot
D:14.5 known about similar situations, and looked at this in a new way?”  Questions such as, “Do I really need to worry about this situation,
D:14.5 not worrying about it and allowing it to be and unfold as it will?”  Questions such as, “While I realize that the facts would tell me this
D:14.5 the facts and was open to this being something else?” These  questions could be asked in situations as commonplace as balancing
D:14.5 or as momentous as a doctor’s diagnosis of a disease. These  questions could be asked when decision-making seems to be called for,
D:14.6 One of the major benefits of  questions such as these is that they can circumvent the usual
D:17.14 Let me return you to the  questions that were asked of you earlier, for they are even more
D:17.15 thinking, that you feel both fulfillment and desire. But my earlier  questions seemed to indicate that once fulfillment was reached,
D:17.23 myth is this response to a specific question, but even the specific  questions of myth, when seen truly, were questions of the heart,
D:17.23 but even the specific questions of myth, when seen truly, were  questions of the heart, calling only for response from the heart.
D:Day3.36 This is what all master “teachers” taught, often throwing the  questions posed back upon the poser, in order to say: Use me not as
D:Day25.4 You need not, in this time, seek either  questions or answers. You need rather, in this time, to come into the
D:Day25.5 Rather than a time of  questions and answers, you might think of this time as a time of
D:Day32.19 Would this answer your  questions concerning how God is both different and the same? Would
D:Day32.19 how God is both different and the same? Would this answer your  questions concerning God’s great power when compared to your own?
D:Day40.31 not been a feeling of being known? Has this Course not addressed the  questions, the longing, the doubts that you would have, before now,
E.2 Believe it or not, you will find these  questions arise less and less until soon, and very soon, they will be
E.2 now that you are being who you are in unity and relationship, these  questions will make no sense to you. They already have far less
E.2 to you. They already have far less power. Can you not feel it? The  questions remain only as questions of the old patterns of thought,
E.2 far less power. Can you not feel it? The questions remain only as  questions of the old patterns of thought, patterns that you need only
A.26 or begin to highlight passages to return to again and again. New  questions may arise and a desire for feedback or discussion grow

quests (1)

D:Day40.16 these relationships are so different, many of you have gone on  quests to find the “one, true, God.” Do you not see that this would

quick (8)

C:1.14 to win, another chance to show your stamina and your strength, your  quick wits and your cunning mind. It is another chance to prevail
C:10.6 cite all evidence of its failure to be other than separate and be  quick to point out to you the impossibility of being other than what
C:23.23 There is no  quick route to this purging, as it is the most individual of
T2:4.12 This is about recognizing who you are now. This is not a  quick fix that calls you to what might have been and tells you that
T2:7.7 one is not taking place. Your previous pattern of behavior will be  quick to assert itself and you will feel resentment and claim that
D:12.16 challenges you, or if your own thinking challenges you, doubt is  quick to arise simply because you do not expect yourself to be
D:Day3.23 future holds. And if you ever need evidence for this position, it is  quick to come. As soon as you get just a little bit ahead, a need
D:Day16.12 respond differently than you do to unwanted feelings that you are  quick to want to “do something” about. If all feelings were treated

quicker (2)

C:1.8 from time to time. But eventually you would realize that it would be  quicker and easier to learn without mistakes, and eventually you
C:25.21 making, but the less you attempt to make conscious decisions the  quicker your unlearning will take place and the lessons of

quickest (1)

T1:3.15 measure of who you are. This is not all that you are but this is the  quickest means of realizing who you are. As was said in A Course in

quickly (29)

C:3.15 and brothers as well. Once one such concept is felled, others follow  quickly. But none is more entrenched than this one, the one we begin
C:6.13 The carrot of fulfillment you hold before yourself when grasped is  quickly eaten and life feeds on itself once again. Just as you eat to
C:7.17 We must return now to relationship and correct as  quickly as possible any erroneous ideas you have, especially those
C:9.12 of your heart. Your illusions concerning it, when undone, will  quickly reveal to you the truth because your misperceptions
C:9.19 for yourself, and when such chance occurrences come about you  quickly override compassion with practicality. While it makes sense
C:10.20 You do not realize how  quickly the separated self rushes in to sabotage all movement away
C:11.3 you have others that have come before. These would read each book as  quickly as they can, with highlighter in tow, and when they have
C:11.16 truth and not illusion. It is a call whose answer will come to you  quickly on the wings of angels, a fluttering your heart will feel,
C:12.3 How  quickly you would return to cynicism and to believing you have
C:14.28 joy, threatens your specialness, your ego, your separated self who  quickly rushes in with love’s replacement. Nothing but fear could
C:14.28 but fear could take the memory of love from you, or replace so  quickly the glory that is your nature with the specialness that is
C:22.22 at first, I assure you the feeling of impersonality will be replaced  quickly with an intimacy with your surroundings that you never felt
C:31.36 you move from acquaintances to relationships of a deeper nature, you  quickly determine the nature of those relationships and have an
T1:9.15 the intellectual position to one of feeling will most readily and  quickly solve the first. The second will be most readily and quickly
T1:9.15 and quickly solve the first. The second will be most readily and  quickly overcome by a turn toward reason or the intellect. The
T2:4.6 truly are, is the appearance of struggle or resistance. As a swimmer  quickly learns, the only way to return to ease of movement is to
T2:6.2 but place upon your thinking, you will advance this process and more  quickly bring about the end of the pattern of learning that you refer
T2:10.16 as it prescribes learning for certain circumstances that would be  quickly put behind you or chosen for specific outcomes. While many
T3:2.13 on leaving such adolescent thinking behind, this thinking must be  quickly replaced with a new idea about yourself or its hold on you
T3:10.4 it. I ask you simply to take the thought of it from your mind as  quickly as it enters.
T3:16.17 “part” or tenet of the truth and see the reverse take place. See how  quickly the thought system of the truth builds upon itself and forms
T4:10.2 to ideas about experiencing, rather than studying, and yet you will  quickly see that you merely think of experience as learning through a
D:4.8 is all any of you have known. An internally structured life will  quickly replace the life of the inmate if you will but let it do so.
D:6.13 Now if this were to happen, scientists would  quickly determine the existence of a natural law that allowed this
D:Day4.16 the example left by my life, you will almost surely realize fairly  quickly that my life challenged the world-view of the time and that
D:Day9.32 consistency with which you did so in the past. In the past you moved  quickly from one learning challenge to another. You have just
E.26 You will remember, just briefly, as you re-read it, in your  quickly passing times of doubt, how different you are. You will
A.30 Comparisons may arise and some may feel they are not advancing as  quickly as others, while those moving quickly may feel in need of
A.30 feel they are not advancing as quickly as others, while those moving  quickly may feel in need of time to catch their breath!

quiet (4)

C:12.5 from it, though you know it not. You are looking for the rest and  quiet joy that only comes from love. You are looking for the safety
C:25.23 you have received is correct, you will soon learn to trust this  quiet process of discernment. You will know you have succeeded when
C:28.6 time of rest. It is the time of celebration that comes before the  quiet and the settling of the dusk.
T1:10.12 have learned the curriculum, what further lessons are needed? What  quiet knowing cannot come to you in peace? Why would you believe you

quietly (3)

C:8.2 other language might your heart speak? It is a language spoken so  quietly and with such gentleness that those who cannot come to
C:25.23 as a time of consulting with your new identity. Simply sitting  quietly, and posing the question or concern that is in need of
D:12.12 union isn’t achieved with a flash of light from above, but that it  quietly infiltrates the dot of the self in its unguarded moments. I

quit (16)

C:P.32 form. When you read their words, you view their content. When you  quit seeing with the ego’s eyes, you quit seeing form and quit
C:P.32 view their content. When you quit seeing with the ego’s eyes, you  quit seeing form and quit searching for it. You begin seeing content.
C:P.32 When you quit seeing with the ego’s eyes, you quit seeing form and  quit searching for it. You begin seeing content.
C:P.37 Self as who you really are is the only thing that will allow you to  quit fearing your power. Jesus accepted his power and so brought the
C:6.3 your existence because you would rather it not be so. Only when you  quit wishing for what cannot be, can you begin to see what is.
C:11.3 to teach and rush on to the next. Those of you less confident may  quit before you begin in order to keep from failing one more time.
C:11.14 choice will be required before you will feel the shift of cause and  quit worrying about effect. For now what you desire are effects,
C:20.21 the embrace you can let all thought go. Within the embrace, you can  quit thinking even of holy things, holy men and women, and even
C:21.3 the difference between one thing and another. You thus can begin to  quit relying on your body’s eyes to distinguish the true from the
C:22.21 day?” respond as much as possible without using the word I or my.  Quit referring to people and things in terms of ownership, saying “my
T4:10.3 for the lessons contained therein. So how, you might ask, do you  quit now, doing what you have so long done?
D:Day3.3 both conditioned to have learning thrust upon them. You long ago  quit resisting most of this learning and “accepted” it as the way
D:Day3.8 those who hurt you, to make amends to those you hurt, or to simply  quit feeling guilty or bitter, shamed or rejected because of them.
D:Day6.22 The point here, however, is this:  Quit trying to remove yourself from life! If this were required it
D:Day8.4 you respond truly. Only when you have accepted how you feel do you  quit labeling good or bad; only then can you deal with anything from
D:Day22.8 wind. It is there in each and every human being. It is now time to  quit acting as if it is not. It is time to be a channel for the

quite (98)

C:2.7 in-between of passionless living that hell is solidified and becomes  quite real. You can label joy heaven and pain hell and seek the
C:4.14 Your ideas of being in love are  quite another category all together. In this context love is not only
C:5.6 nor the hand that grasps it. Yet the relationship between the two is  quite real. “When two or more are joined together” is not an
C:5.23 nor acknowledged, yet when this faith is realized the cost becomes  quite real. Rather than feeling as if you have gained, feelings of
C:8.10 Even those of you whose perceptions remain  quite faulty know that there is a difference between what lies on the
C:8.21 a tiny peon of little significance. On other days you will feel  quite superior, the ultimate achievement of the world and all its
C:8.21 world and all its years of evolution. There are days you will feel  quite of the earth, as if this is your natural home and heaven to
C:8.21 home and heaven to your soul. On other days your feeling will be  quite the opposite, and you will wonder where you are. Yes, there
C:10.14 you are not your body while you walk around within it is something  quite different than believing in God. Here all the proof available
C:10.16 you have no need of tools. But while you believe you do, it is  quite real to you. To give up the body entirely is a choice you need
C:10.19 separated self. Happiness is not a priority here, but being right is  quite important to it. It would prefer to be serious and
C:10.25 you are than your body does. Whether they wander aimlessly or are  quite focused, your thoughts are more the source of all you are and
C:10.26 experiment, but you will realize the desire to laugh at yourself is  quite genuine and not conceived from meanness. There will be a
C:10.31 You will find  quite a bit of resistance to this experiment. You will find you are
C:11.7 together and while they are the same, their application is  quite different.
C:11.14 willingness does not negate free will. Yet even while you cannot yet  quite give up your guardianship of it, it is sufficient to begin with
C:11.18 You exist,  quite simply, because of your relationship with love. Love is the
C:12.24 Yet while the son’s extension into an external world is  quite real, it is all that is truly real within it. The son could not
C:14.9 world based upon these different foundations could not help but look  quite different.
C:14.13 in your mind and feel so painful in your memory of it is that it was  quite real in a way that is different from your relationships before
C:14.13 joyous, so safe and warm and loved, could not help but hold a value  quite beyond compare. In this you were correct. It was no illusion
C:14.16 in it. Do you not believe that were you to perish something  quite unique would be lost to the world? You are alone and
C:14.16 the people and the events that you would influence, would behave  quite differently and bring about different results than are somehow
C:14.16 there must be some reason for your existence—although you cannot  quite imagine what that reason might be. You must be meant to be
C:14.18 You think that you are  quite aware of your small space within the universe, and that it is
C:14.19 set up dependencies that will keep you linked. Some of you do this  quite obviously, and over years and years create a web of intricate
C:15.4 your mate and children, your parents or your friends, and would be  quite content to have them think you special and to make them special
C:16.13 one of you and so many of “them.” Never can you keep your guard up  quite enough or secure a final guarantee against disaster. And yet
C:17.7 what it might hold. And yet, while it would seem you would grow  quite used to this phenomenon, you do not. You still make your plans
C:17.15 Your thoughts, however, have become  quite harsh, and quite entrenched in the belief in their right to
C:17.15 Your thoughts, however, have become quite harsh, and  quite entrenched in the belief in their right to judge. Many of you
C:18.10 While this explanation makes perfect sense, you find it  quite unbelievable on the basis of your perception of yourself and
C:18.17 A wandering mind is seen as  quite the norm, and thoughts that dart about in a chaotic fashion are
C:19.16 To think without thought or know without words are ideas  quite foreign to you, and truly, while you remain here, even
C:19.22 you were to think of this as a re-viewing of your self, you would be  quite accurate. It is like unto the final judgment as it has been
C:20.1 Your longing now has reached a fever pitch, a burning in your heart  quite different from that which you have felt before. Your heart may
C:22.15 things to a stop where they can be examined under a microscope  quite apart from their relationship to you or to anything else.
C:22.19 personal, separated self is at the center of all such stories. One  quite literally cannot conceive of the story without the “I.” Yet
C:22.20 Rather than resisting this, strive to cease giving meaning. Start  quite simply. Go from the broad to the specific. For example, when
C:26.25 place in the pattern of creation from the outset. A full life is  quite simply a fulfillment of that thought and that pattern. The only
C:28.10 your conviction to grow. Because you believe it, this is, at first,  quite true. But now it is no longer the time to rely on conviction
C:29.5 to unity is your return to your full power and your ability to be of  quite literal service to God and your brothers and sisters.
C:31.6 Your body moves and breathes, your heart beats and your blood pumps,  quite unaided by your conscious self. You know that if you had to
C:31.30 At certain times of your life you state this seeking you are doing  quite clearly, and it is always specific. You are looking for a
T1:1.11 change in time, without guidance, this change would be seen as  quite difficult no matter how grand its outcome and even in spite of
T1:2.20 to a sunset, its application to all areas of life will at first seem  quite demanding. But what is elementary remains elementary once it is
T1:4.8 This is  quite a different you than the self of the ego-mind. The ego-mind, in
T1:4.17 further discussion, you would see interpretation and response  quite similarly and this would but lead to a continuation of the
T1:5.7 compelled to push at its edges, this pushing simply leaves the edges  quite intact and causes them to be capable of offering resistance.
T1:10.1 to this peace. It is so foreign to each of you that you can’t  quite imagine that it is what you are supposed to be feeling. There
T2:3.7 choice, your willingness to express that aspect of creation. It is  quite literally true that the seeds of much of creation lie dormant
T2:4.4 way of movement. Just as moving through water is a way of movement  quite inconsistent with that of moving on land, so too is the new way
T2:4.4 land, so too is the new way of acting out or expressing who you are  quite inconsistent with the way in which you have formerly acted out
T2:6.5 if you are being kept from accomplishment by time, and this “seems”  quite real to you. This “seems” quite real to you because of what you
T2:6.5 by time, and this “seems” quite real to you. This “seems”  quite real to you because of what you believe.
T2:9.15 for the ego-mind is fear and the removal of these final fears will  quite literally starve the ego-mind out of existence.
T3:1.11 has only existed as the self you presented to others in the past is  quite a different statement and has a totally different meaning. The
T3:3.5 turn blamed it as much as it blamed you, you never blamed anything  quite as much as you blamed yourself.
T3:3.9 be able to put the beliefs of this Course into practice. If not  quite this drastic, your thoughts might tell you that if you were in
T3:10.14 the ego thought system, the thought system of your true Self will  quite simply return to your memory. You will soon forget the thought
T3:11.15 that they exist in the House of Truth. You will, in truth, for  quite some time, be striving to remain aware even that you have
T3:14.4 You are  quite capable of seeing the truth and still acting as if you see it
T3:20.8 You will see it as  quite difficult at first to respond to such situations in a new way,
T3:21.21 of a virgin mother could change the world has passed. The world is  quite simply bigger now and the identities of your personal selves
T3:21.24 claim for yourself. No leaders and no followers are needed. This is  quite obviously an old way of thinking. While no one is called to
T4:3.4 each of you have interpreted this displacement has come to seem  quite complex.
D:2.1 see that this is not the way of the old. Willingness to receive is  quite contrary to the attitudes and actions with which you have led
D:2.3 you combating or resisting the old patterns. Patterns are not in  quite the same category as the false remembering you were able to
D:3.7 life that were needed in the time of learning. This is why we began  quite truthfully and simply with an acceptance of the new and denial
D:3.8 as one that was introduced within A Course of Love and taught  quite thoroughly in “A Treatise on Unity and Its Recognition”. Let’s
D:4.11 of creation previously, divine design was also spoken of. Here I am  quite confident that you have either seen and learned enough during
D:4.16 to both the ego and to the ego’s thought system, but the ego is  quite rightly seen as a system in and of itself. It is thought
D:8.3 existed prior to the time of learning. And that this something was  quite wonderful.
D:11.12 words will provide the answer to the question your thoughts cannot  quite comprehend well enough to even articulate, much less to answer.
D:12.3 They are,  quite simply, not the separated thoughts of the separated thought
D:12.18 know of the truth, even if this coming to know of the truth wasn’t  quite “of” the “you” of the personal self.
D:13.3 These reversals will be among the first revelations and will seem  quite simple and pleasing as they enter your awareness, but they may
D:13.3 as they enter your awareness, but they may come to be seen as  quite complicated as you begin the practice of living with what you
D:16.12 that even though you may be done with learning, you don’t feel  quite complete, or possibly even feel as if learning has not quite
D:16.12 feel quite complete, or possibly even feel as if learning has not  quite been accomplished in you. This is precisely why we now discuss
D:Day1.28 inheritance and fulfillment, promises that give hints to, but never  quite reveal, the secret of succession.
D:Day3.34 For you are  quite certain that there is a secret you know not. There is, and it
D:Day5.2 each of you this access point will in truth be the same, but perhaps  quite different in the action which you use in order to enter it. For
D:Day5.12 Access to unity will seem, at first, a  quite individual accomplishment, something one may have and another
D:Day5.20 in to this desire fully, it would speed the transformation along  quite nicely. So please, listen to your weariness and to your heart’s
D:Day6.7 little resemblance to the piece originally intended, or it might be  quite true to the original idea.
D:Day6.17 can be postponed, put off, or can wait for some convenient time.  Quite the contrary. We are having our dialogue on the holy mountain
D:Day9.7 And yet if the truth be admitted, you know that even this is not  quite true. You know that you censor your own thoughts and feelings,
D:Day15.26 your own path will be made visible and you will see that it may be  quite different from the others with whom you are coming to know, and
D:Day15.26 from the others with whom you are coming to know, and perhaps  quite different than you thought it would be. You will be shown that
D:Day19.8 But the function remained one of direct union with God. This is  quite literally the function of all in this new time. When we speak
D:Day20.4 been told much here that you did not previously know. This isn’t  quite accurate however. What has happened here is that words have
D:Day27.7 this new relationship that you have with yourself and with life. You  quite literally have a new way of seeing. You might think of this
D:Day32.7 with the notion of God wanting to know Himself. This concept may be  quite amorphous and not tremendously different than scientific
D:Day32.19 than from His being? This is the easiest way to say this, if not  quite accurate. Being is power. But being, like oneness, cannot know
D:Day37.13 You have,  quite simply, been being. The simple truth that you are a being makes
D:Day37.18 a unique being. You “feel” love and you feel pain, and both feel  quite unmistakably like “your” love and “your” pain and no one
A.9 Now you may feel  quite compelled to share your experience of the Course with others.

quitting (1)

C:12.17 idea of taking a trip or having a baby, of returning to school, or  quitting a job. This idea, newly birthed, may seem to come and go, or

quoted (1)

T4:12.12 already gathered who was questioning the state of contentment. She  quoted a learned priest and scholar who spoke of how he knew, as soon