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A Gift Received

David Wilson came to offer this expression after visiting the “Giving” page of this website. It invites not only monetary gifts, but gifts “of art or expression.” I love having gotten a response to this offer to give in this way; to have received of David’s gift, a gift of his own heart and soul […]

A Dialogue on Embodiment of Christ Consciousness

Michael Mark and I began to share written “dialogues” in March, 2013. He wrote me first to thank me for my part in bringing A Course of Love into being, and to join the Registry of readers that was on the ACOL website “that was” before the new publication. Right away we began to do so […]

Expressions with Paula Payne Hardin and Joanna Jaya

I am overjoyed to offer the two reflections on the heart that are shared here: one through poetry and one through art. Joanna Jaya is the artist. Paula Payne Hardin is the poet. Their joining together expands my heart! ~ Mari   PAULA PAYNE HARDIN A few years ago, I felt the urge to write poems honoring […]

Being humanly divine

I’ve just returned from my first visits with ACOL groups. These were along the California coast and this subject was among those I spoke of. I thought I’d share it here. ~ Mari It is the very essence of love to be able to hold all the paradoxes that the mind would like to reject. When […]

Expressions with Bill Heller

When Bill Heller shared his Holy Week exploration with me, I knew right away I wanted to add his expression to this page. Below is his story of finding A Course of Love, followed by Holy Week 2016. It’s theme of resurrection is always current. Finding A Course of Love          My journey with A Course of Love […]

Expressions with Mary Deeny: Humanity, the world, and the ego

I came to know ACOL via the UPS guy!  Being a book lover, my best friend is hands down Amazon.  I can’t seem to help myself.  If I don’t have a few books on hand that I haven’t read yet I seem to get the shakes. Excitedly opening that distinctive box with the smiley face […]

Expressions with Ben Andriessen: Being the Bridge

I am so pleased to welcome Ben Andriessen to the Expressions page. Ben first contacted me nearly four years ago. He told me the story he shares with you (below) of “finding” A Course of Love, and also shared this response to his first reading: “I have not been able to stop reading/studying it ever […]

Expressions with Christina Strutt: Coming to Voice – The Whole Heart Chakra

Hi, I’m Mari Perron, and I’d like to personally welcome you to this page—the Expressions page, and the next, the Dialogue page—pages that have a lot to do with how I see A Course of Love (ACOL) moving out into the world. As each reader experiencing this Course comes to the “end of learning” predicted […]